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When Is A Dental Crown Needed?

Sometimes you must lose a tooth to preserve your overall oral health. For the most part, though, you need to do what you can to preserve your teeth. When they become damaged, dentist Dr. Ecsile Chang can place a dental crown on the tooth. A Fairbanks, AK dentist with Chang Family Dental can provide you with dental treatment to restore your smile.

How Dental Crowns Help

When you crack or chip a tooth, Dr. Chang may suggest a dental crown. This covers the tooth entirely and protects it from further damage. Another situation in which you would need a crown is when you have extreme dental decay and very little of the tooth left. A crown can cover this and make the tooth appear normal. Dentists use this method when not enough of the tooth remains to create a filling.

Materials for Dental Crowns

Metallic crowns work best for their strength and long-lasting sturdiness, but they do cost more. What other options can you find for dental crowns at a Fairbanks, AK dentist? You might try a ceramic crown or a PFM crown. The latter two types appear more like normal teeth. They do not provide the same stability though, but they do cost less than metal crowns.

Deciding Which Crown Type

You will need to undergo a dental examination by Dr. Chang to determine which type of crown would work best for your teeth. You won’t know whether metal, PFM or ceramic will work best until you meet with your dentist. You might opt for the metal in the rear of your mouth where it can’t be seen, but a ceramic or PFM in front because they appear the same color as typical teeth.

Make Your Appointment Today

When you need a dental crown, contact a Fairbanks, AK dentist with Chang Family Dental. You will need to have at least two appointments with Dr. Chang for a crown. The first appointment is a consultation and tooth x-rays plus a tooth cast. On the second, the doctor places the crown in your mouth. Call Chang Family Dental’s Fairbanks office at (907) 456-1237 to book an appointment today.

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